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We do NOT sell lottery tickets, we do NOT sell subscriptions, we do NOT charge any fees and we do NOT require any registration.
Dave's Ultimate Lottery Picker is NOT responsible for any money you spend playing lotteries,
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How many plays do you want?
If statistical analysis is not checked the limit here is 1000 (one thousand draws).
If statistical analysis is checked then the limit is 2,000,000 (two million draws).

Select Game
E-mail Dave and request another game to be added.
Do a random number statistical analysis.
When this box is checked you will receive only one row of numbers.
The numbers displayed will be a statistical count of the draws you entered above.
For example if you enter 100,000 in the play box above and check the statistical analysis box
the computer will simulate 100,000 draws and you will
be presented with the top occurring numbers for the game you have chosen.
You will also see a breakdown of the drawn number statistics.

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