Come on, Please, Try to take my guns.

There will be much bloodshed if anyone ever trys to take my guns and leave me defenseless.

If you do manage to pry my gun from my cold dead hands you will quickly find yourself on the receiving end of a hail of bullets fired by my spouse and/or other family members from one or more of the many loaded guns lying randomly around my house.

Yes that's right I DO NOT lock up my guns! What good is a locked up gun when a prowler wakes you up in the middle of the night? What are you supposed to do? Say “Wait Mr. crook while I find my keys to unlock my gun cabinet to get my gun and load it.”

One time, many years ago, soon after I moved into my current home, I was awakened by the sound of a prowler on my porch. This prowler found himself eating dirt while a volley of AK-47 rounds tore up the trees just above his head. In the 18 years since that night I have not had one single prowler on my property while all my neighbors around me have been robbed numerous times. By the way I reported the incident to the local sheriff who came down and took a report and thanked me for the report and admired my AK-47, it was the only on in the area at the time. (It is a semi auto version and perfectly legal to own where I live.) What are people thinking when they own a gun for self-protection and then keep it locked up?

My guns stay loaded and ready at all times, by the bed, on top of a cabinet, under the sofa, beside the phone, on top of the computer, in my pocket, and other miscellaneous places around the house. And yes I have children in the house. I have raised many children, my own as well as others and they all know what a gun is and how it works and could, at anytime shoot any gun in the house of their choosing. The only requirement is that notify an adult before taking a gun outside to shoot, and it has always been a standing requirement in our house that we are available to supervise kids shooting at any time, anything else can wait.

It is the most awe inspiring thing in the world to watch a 10 year old rip off 30 rounds from an AK-47 that is almost as large is he is, or watch him load cock and shoot a pistol hitting a target dead-center without any help.

The common misconception is that a gun lying around a house will result in a kid dieing. This is not true! What results in a kid dieing is fear, mystery, curiosity, and ignorance in that order.

Let me explain this way. For example let’s look at a scenario that has played out many times.

Kid finds his dad’s gun hidden in the closet and kills his best friend with it while playing “Cops and Robbers”.

The gun didn’t kill that kid; the four items below are what killed him.

1 Fear; We are afraid our kid might turn out bad or get hurt so we must hide this gun in the closet.

2 Mystery; why do mom and dad tell me to never get in their closet.

3 Curiosity; Mom and dad are gone to the store, lets see what’s hidden in that closet.

4 Ignorance; Wow a gun just like on TV let’s play with it.

BANG dead kid!

As you notice the root cause is the fear of the parents,

In my house this could never happen, here’s why.

1 Fear; we do not fear guns, they are nether evil, or good, they are tools, nothing more. Tools are not hidden in dark mysterious places!

2 Mystery; since there is no hiding there is no mystery in our house, (well maybe a little but what’s hidden in the chest beside the bed won’t kill anyone:).

3 Curiosity is seeking the unknown. Since guns in our house are out in the open and not a mystery there is no unknown and no reason to be curious abut them.

4 Ignorance; This, is the GREATEST killer. EVERYONE in our house has seen what a gun can do and understand that a gun will BLOW you apart!

One of the first lessons I taught my kids when they were old enough to understand is the following; I set up a couple if melons in the yard and explain that the melon is just like a human head with brains in it, I then load a semiautomatic handgun with hollow point bullets in front of them and shoot on of the melons. Viewing the “brains” of that melon scattered on the ground, they very quickly grasp that you don’t want to be on the receiving end of a bullet. I then remove the clip and hand the clip to them so they can see that I took the bullets out of the gun. I then ask them if now that the gun I have is unloaded can it still kill you or is it safe? Invariably the answer was it is safe. I then, without another word turn and shoot a second melon with the “unloaded” gun, blowing it apart. The expression on their face shows me that they will never forget that even an “unloaded” gun can and will kill.

This system has worked for me for 24 years and I have no worries. So who is the Jerk, the person who by encouraging ignorance denies his child the ability to protect himself from the dangers in this world that he will sooner or later face, or the man who imparts to his children knowledge and understanding, and the power to protect himself, as well as the understanding that this world is a dangerous place?

© Dave Cole 2005

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