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A little history of the Kingdom

Coles Kingdom first went on line April 2nd, 1992 as a single line BBS
running Wildcat BBS ver 2 on an IBM XT with a 20 meg hard drive. The BBS
Grew from there slowly adding hard drive space and power, moving first
to a 286 then a 386, then eventually adding a second 286 computer and phone
line for node 2. This second computer was networked to the primary node using
Lantastic 4.0. Eventually the BBS was moved to a 486 running Windows 95
with both nodes running on the single computer in DOS boxes

Eventually the internet took over and BBS usage fell to almost nothing.
After a couple of years usage was down to only 3 or 4 calls a month and
most anyone else would have shut the BBS down then, but I just didn’t have
the heart to.

Finally High Speed Always on DSL became available in our area, at that time I
finally took down the incoming dial lines and replaced them with telnet into
the BBS, and for a while it seemed like the BBS might take back off
as a telnet service, allowing people to reach the Kingdom from anywhere in the
world, and for a while usage grew, but in the end even that was not enough,
usage again fell to almost nothing.

I finally had to admit that the heyday of the local community BBS is over, at
least in this area. So with much regret on February 18th, 2002 I removed the
last telnet connection to Coles Kingdom Wildcat BBS leaving only this web site

Fairwell Wildcat its been a fun ride, we will miss you.

We are located in Quebeck Tennessee USA

 Click here to Look us up on Google we are about 70 miles EESE of Nashville.

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