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For years we have been told by the sword of Damocles crowd that climate change is bad. Rather in the long run I believe that the warming of the world will be a good thing. There may well be growing pangs as we adjust to the changes, but the bottom line is longer growing seasons will result in more plentiful food, enabling the world’s population to grow even larger while still being able to feed itself.

But of course, many will point out that the growth of deserts, in a warmer environment, may, or will outpace the growth of arable agricultural land… Maybe…

But, despite what the doom and gloom crowd says, the actual volume of water on this planet doesn’t change appreciably over human time scales. There may come a time when massive civil-engineering projects will be required to move the water from water rich areas to arid areas. Such projects would benefit the economies of countries involved in the projects and result in lower unemployment world wide. Also we are on the verge of a technological breakthrough in sea water desalination. There is and will be plenty of water, we only have to make the effort to distribute it equitably.

People fear change, I do not. In short I believe global warming will be more than a bump in the road for human civilization.

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