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There are many cases where the right to vote is essentially twisted into a right to commit voter fraud.
In the last few elections there have been numerous news stories that have appeared nationwide showcasing one group or another going to diverse places to pick up people in buses to vote.
I have a problem with this, and the following story is my reason why. One story in particular enraged me. A bus was sent to a nursing home and dozens of senior citizens were loaded onto a bus and taken to a polling place.
At first glance this appears to be a good idea. However further investigation revealed that nearly everyone on the bus that day were Alzheimer patients. Many of these people did not even have the ability to recognize their own family or even themselves in a mirror. So how could they vote?
Voting laws in the state where this event occurred allowed a voter to have assistance in voting. So the organizers of the bus trip provided helpers for the patients. How can anyone not recognize that the votes being cast were not chosen by the Alzheimer patients but were clearly chosen by their helper.
If one helper helped sixty Alzheimer patients vote in the presidential election do you have any doubt that if you examined the votes cast in this case there would have been 60 identical votes, effectively allowing the supposed helper to vote sixty times. However If you institute any type of knowledge test, even a simple verbal test to show that you had at least a basic comprehension of what you are about to do. The ACLU and many others would immediately cry “FOUL”, that any such test is inherently biased against some group. However the truth is much to the contrary such a test could be simple enough to be passed by any person… IF they are capable and willing to at least make a effort to understand what they are voting for. HOWEVER this will never happen because far to many people feel that we must lower ourselves to the lever of the lowest common denominator. This is the reverse of what this country espoused in the past, rising above the rest, being the best you can be. This seems to be a lost ideal in America today.

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  1. Completely agree.

    I’ve been trying to come up with a proper test where you have to at least remotely know what your candidate actually campaigned on before voting for them.

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