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I, as many people, have been fascinated with the topic of lucid dreams for years, even when I was a youngster; however, I never experienced a true lucid dream until I was in my upper 40s.

But as I aged, I learned to lucid dream and with practice, become truly free to visit incredible places that only exist in the dream realm.

But I soon learned that this realm has a guardian.

I first encountered this guardian in a lucid dream that was otherwise most pleasurable. I was at a picnic with my family and friends, several of who have been dead for some time. I was completely lucid and aware that it was a dream. Yet it was more than a dream, I was in a real place, enjoying the presence of long gone friends and family members.

Suddenly out of nowhere a horrible demon-like entity appeared and promptly ejected me from this joyous realm. This entity physically grabbed me, dragged me away from my family and friends, pulled me face to face with it and screamed, “I am Amadusus, you do not belong here!” I could smell the sulfur and rot of hell on its breath

At that point the entity threw me across the field like a rag doll, and when I hit the ground I woke up in my bed sweating and in pain.

That did not deter me. I continued to practice lucid dreaming and was becoming quite adept at visiting the dream world at will. Suddenly as I was having a particularly vivid lucid dream and was actually able to be consciously in control of and able to change the events of the dream I became aware of the presence of what I recognized as the same malevolent entity I encountered in the picnic dream. I never saw it that time but could clearly feel its presence approaching, along with overbearing anger and hatred.

I was driving a school bus, which I have not done in over thirty years. I tried to redirect the dream away from the entity, I tried to turn the bus in another direction, yet I found, that while I was still lucid, I was no longer in control of my dream. The entity, filled with rage, hate, and anger was in control, and fast approaching. There was nothing I could do to escape it. Suddenly it was on top of me and reaching through the very roof of the vehicle, it grabbed me by the hair of my head and began to pull me up and over the back of the school bus driver’s seat. I was in a panic as it screamed, “You were warned.”

I could smell the sulfur, I could feel the rage, I was going to die and there was no one there to save me.

Suddenly I was awake. My wife was sitting astraddle my chest shaking me. Once I was able to regain my senses, she told me that my body movements had awakened her. On waking she said that she found me with my head arched backward into the pillow and my whole body bowed upward above the bed. It was at this point that she climbed astraddle of me to hold me down and with much difficulty, shook me awake.

I found that I was soaked with sweat and my back and neck were hurting as though I had whiplash from an auto accident.

I know you will say it was just a dream, but I know different, it is more, much more. Some way, somehow, I learned how to intrude into another domain. A domain ruled by something very old, very evil, and very angry at any intrusion. On my second visit there, the absolute evil, hate, and rage of this entity was palatable, many orders of magnitude more intense that my first encounter. I have no doubt that this Amadusus is real and intended to kill me, and no doubt would have succeeded, had it not been for the work of my sweet wife.

My wife has now passed, and now every night I pray that will never again lucid dream. For I know that Amadusus awaits, and next time my wife will not be there to save me.

Those of you out there wishing to learn how to lucid dream, I plead with you, DO NOT! The dream realm is a real place, and Amadusus awaits you.

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