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Can you please not shoot the thermonuclear weapons?
Vic Deakins (John Travolta) in Broken Arrow

My personal belief is that he is a psychopath.

I believe every human born on this world has an inherent tendency to seek something greater than one’s self. You can refer to this seeking as worship. You may disagree with me but I think when looked at objectively it becomes clear that everyone is seeking or worshiping something. Now many people worship God, others worship power, or money, some worship nature, and some even worship knowledge. I could go on, there are many things that people worship, but in essence I am saying that I believe all humans are hardwired to seek or worship something.

Soros is an atheist, so he does not worship God. You might say he worships money. But since he has fulfilled the dream of being impossibly rich I don’t believe he sees money as worthy of worship, It is just a means to an end for him. You could argue that he worships power, and yes he is very politically powerful and wields that power through his money, but I do not see even this as his end game.

You see George Soros has chosen to worship humanity. Yep Soros worships humanity as a whole, and as such he believes that it is his responsibility as a member of the chosen elite,(more on that later), to do everything possible to usher in a state of utopia for mankind. To achieve this utopia he believes that it is absolutely essential that every human must be equal to every other human on the planet in order to eliminate envy. In his version of utopia freedom, happiness, and prosperity of the masses have no importance, absolute equality is the only important measure of his utopia.

Under capitalism the western world has become the home of the richest and happiest free people in history. In his mind this is unfair to the rest of the world. He sees the disparity of riches between nations as an abomination. He has said that capitalism is the cause of the world’s problems. He feels like it is his responsibility to right this wrong. He sees himself and other elites as a saviors to mankind. Yes, you could say he has a God complex. In his mind he must change the world, not because he wants to or needs to but because the universe has called him to do so. the only solution is to dissolve all governments of the world and unite the world under a single world government, that through taxes, will redistribute the wealth of the richest nations to the poorer nations thusly resulting in the true equality of mankind.

Now how is this possible considering that he and his family have become staggeringly rich off of capitalism? Well as I said earlier he considers himself eliete or above that. In fact he considers himself to be the worlds messiah. Here are a few quotes from the horses mouth. In 1991 George Soros said: “If truth be known, I carried some rather potent messianic fantasies with me from childhood, fantasies which I wanted to indulge … to the extent that I could afford.” What? he considers himself to be Jesus Christ to the world? How about this quote from 1987: “I admit that I have always harbored an exaggerated view of self-importance―to put it bluntly, I fancied myself as some kind of god or an economic reformer like Keynes or, even better, a scientist like Einstein”

Now he knows that this utopia of his can not be achieved in his lifetime, but that doesn’t matter to him, what matters is that someday his utopia will be realized. He is utterly convinced that by pushing social and left wing policies he is helping move the world closer and closer toward his vision of utopia.

This is his religion, and since it is a religion, he can not be reasoned with, he can not be bought off, he can not be swayed by logic, he is worshiping his god and will die rather than change.

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By dave

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