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*Time is the best teacher; unfortunately it kills off all its students.

Who am I talking to? The millions of Americans who claim to want change but are unwilling to embrace change when given the chance. Eight years ago millions of Americans voted for Barack Obama claiming they wanted a change in government. I said then he was no different, just a career politician who would pander to the least common denominator in America. I feel I have been vindicated many times over. Obama has done nothing but travel the same road that has been traveled by every president in the last fifty years. Yet now we have a chance at real change, someone who has never been in politics before, someone who knows what harm government intervention does to American business. Someone who surrounds himself with the smartest and most dedicated people. Someone who is willing to stand up for his people and what he believes in. Someone who is tired of the run amuck political correctness that has swept down upon our nation. Someone who can bring real change. Who is this person? Donald Trump. Yes The Donald is America’s first chance at real change in Washington in the last fifty years. Yet so many people refuse to embrace him. What makes my blood boil? When someone says to me that they want change in Washington but in the same breath point out that they can’t vote for The Donald as he has no experience in politics. If you do this you are a hypocrite and a liar to yourself. People say they want change but then in the same breath they say they are afraid to vote for Mr. Trump. If this is you then you are a sniveling coward. Yes you are a coward, you don’t want change, you just want someone who will pander to your selfish desires . The media hates Donald. The GOP hates Donald. The Democrat party hates Donald. All the rest of the political establishment hates Donald. If you really are tired of how this government is run then there is only one choice, Donald Trump. Electing him to the Presidency would be the greatest thorn in the side of the Washington elites in our lifetime. For my entire life people have moaned and complained of how Washington is run. This is your once in a lifetime chance to stick it to Washington. Vote The Donald.

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By dave

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