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Night Terror


May 29, 2015

There is a dark place deep in the mind of mankind.
A place darker than a thousand midnights.
A place more terrifying than the pits of hell itself.
A place we keep locked away behind mental walls thicker then the walls of Valhalla.
This dark place is a place we all keep secured behind metaphysical chains and iron
bars stronger than the pillars of creation themselves.
This dark place in the human mind contains terrors and monstrosities that can cause
even the darkest demon from the pits of hell itself to tremble in fear.

This place is the id, a place beyond sleep, beyond dreams, a place where even the
darkest nightmare is a welcome reprieve from the terrors contained within dark corners
of the mind of mankind.

From time to time, while we sleep, the bars of this mental prison are weakened, our
guard is let down. It is during these long nights when these creatures escape from this
mental prison we all have. And when they do we find ourselves paralyzed, unable to wake, unable to call out, even to our spouse lying in the bed beside us. We are besieged with an attack, an attack from within our own id. An attack that in past years gave rise to stories of demons setting on our chest in the middle of the night, trying to steal our very soul.

And today we hear tails of evil aliens taking us away for some inhuman experiment on
their spaceship.

But in reality it is all from within our own psyche.
All this evil, all this darkness, all these terrors lurk within our own mind.
Hidden deep within our very soul.

I experienced attack like this last night. While sleeping I was besieged from within,
unable to scream , unable to move. I was fully aware, I knew very well I was asleep
in my own bed, but I was paralyzed, unable to wake myself, trapped within a nightmare
of nightmares, struggling to even breath. Finally after clawing and dragging myself up
out of the heavy darkness I began to drag myself back to consciousness with my heart
threatening to bust forth from within my chest. A battle that seemed to last forever,
a battle that left me drained and exhausted.

Today I feel as though I spent the night fighting the devil himself. I am exhausted,
it is as though I never slept at all. What a terrifying night. But remember, sooner
or later this happens to everyone.

You too carry this darkness, everyone does.
Some night, maybe tonight, maybe next week, or ever in ten years, you will be attacked.
It is inevitable. While sleeping peaceably your walls will fall, the barriers will be
let down, and in the middle of that night the creatures will spill forth and attempt to
tear you apart, your very soul will be ripped and torn while your spouse sleeps quietly
beside you. You will be alone, totally alone with your very own creatures from the id.
Sleep tight.

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By dave

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  1. Did you write this ? If so , it is really good . I enjoyed reading this. Is this the start of another book?? You did good !!!!!!!

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