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Noah reviewed…


Mar 29, 2014

Be forewarned if you read this there are MAJOR spoilers.

I went and seen Noah this evening and was blown away by the visuals and cinematography.

I found the story interesting and loved the inclusion of the Watchers from the Book of Enoch. I did not really like the appearance of the Watchers, but the book of Enoch never describers them so I will give a pass there.

I have said it before and I will say it again, Get a copy of the book of Enoch and read it.

Although the major aspects of the film follows the Biblical account, there were quite a bit of the film that was obviously entirely from the mind of the writers. This was to be expected given turning a short story such as Noah into a 2 hour movie. For example the mental agony that Noah experiences in the movie is never mentioned in the Bible but I can easily see how being the last family on Earth and the responsibility God cast on the shoulders of Noah could make him a little unbalanced. Also in the movie Noah thinks his job is to save the animals, not mankind. Noah spends much of the movie expecting to be the last family on earth. It is not until the very end that Noah accepts that God wants mankind to survive also.

I will normally give Biblical movies a pass for adding stuff or even leaving out stuff as long as nothing added or removed results in a direct contradiction of the Bible. So I can accept that we have no idea what was really going on in Noah’s mind. One thing we can be absolutely sure of is that not every detail of every story is included in the Bible. Simply by reading the four Gospels we can see that each Gospel presents a slightly different view and things that are included in John may not appear in Matthew and vice versa.
That being said contradictions is where this film missed the mark. There are two major and one minor plot point that DIRECTLY contradict the story of Noah in the Book of Genesis.

The first and most glaring discrepancy in the movie is that only one of Noah’s sons has a wife on the ark. The other two are wifeless. This is set up as a major motivation for Ham’s actions during and after the flood. Yes, Noah is shown drunk and naked in the cave after the flood. Don’t worry it is presented in a way to as to not offend the viewers. The omission of Ham and Japheth’s wives is not complete though, Shem’s wife is found to be pregnant in the early days of the flood and she eventually gives birth to twin girls just as the ark lands on mount Ararat. Although it is not specifically stated, it seems obvious to me that these twin girls are destined to eventually become the wives of Ham and Japheth. So, since Shem’s wife was pregnant before she came on the ark you could say that the wives of Ham and Japheth were on the ark the whole time.

That being said the absence of wives for Ham and Japheth was the most egregious error in the movie in my opinion.

The second major annoyance is the stowaway. Yes the writers saw fit to write a subplot involving a stowaway on the ark. This sub plot directly interacts with Ham’s actions during and after the flood.

Could there have been a stowaway? We don’t know for sure but I highly doubt it. I thought the stowaway subplot was totally unnecessary.

No, the stowaway does not survive in the end.

And my last and complaint is the very subtle way the story was… I don’t want to use the word “twisted”… I would say the story was subtlety “adjusted ” to include an environmental message. I understand that we need to take care of this planet as much as the next guy but I am tired of Hollywood slapping me in the face with an environmental message every time it gets a chance. The remake of “The day the Earth Stood Still” was a prime example of a great story ruined by turning it into a Environmental crusade. And Noah suffers from this to a small extent.

Overall I would have given the movie 8 out of 10 rating but the 3 contradictions I pointed out above cost it points. Overall as a IMDB reviewer I gave the film 6 out of 10 stars. Overall a very enjoyable movie lost points for its Biblical inaccuracy.

Now after what I posted last night and after viewing the film do I recommend viewing this film? Yes…BUT you should go in with the expectation that this is fiction film “INSPIRED” by the story of Noah and the flood in the Bible. If you go in with the expectation of a Biblically authentic movie you will be disappointed. If however you go in expecting to see a epic movie somewhat “loosely ” based on the story of Noah then by all means do.

My faith is strong enough to survive a few Hollywood contradictions. Is yours?

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